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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

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Engagement Ring

Although purchasing an engagement ring is the height of romance, there are other practical concerns involved.

Whether you’re a strict realist or a hopeless romantic, buying a bespoke jewelry nz will push you beyond of your comfort zone.

The purchase of an engagement ring combines straightforward practicality with unadulterated emotion. You’re picking a mark of your devotion and love for the person who changed your life. However, you are also shelling out a sizable sum of money for something that you don’t truly comprehend and that must endure forever.

So that you can focus on the emotional (and even fun!) aspect of your engagement ring purchase, cross these five practical issues off your list.

Her Way Of Life

She will wear the engagement ring you select every day for many years, perhaps not the rest of her life. You must consider how the ring will fit into what she does on a daily basis because most women dislike having to take off the ring for work, sports, or hobbies.

Her Fashion Sense

What does she wear to express herself when she’s at work, out in public, or just lounging at home? Consider the materials she selects, the hues and patterns she frequently wears, the styles of shoes she favors, and the jewellery she favors. While most women tend to mix and match, your future spouse most likely has a certain fashion sense she favors.

Spending Limit

If you haven’t looked into engagement rings before, get ready for a shock: the price is always higher than you anticipate. Fortunately, there are engagement ring options available for every price range, and sometimes getting the ideal ring at the ideal cost involves setting different priorities.

Decide how much you can spend without going over budget. Keep in mind that you will have to live with this expense long after you get engaged and even after you get married, especially if you plan to finance the purchase. It may even be your first significant debt as a married couple. Avoid putting your finances in danger by buying an engagement ring.

Size Of Her Ring

Even though it seems like a little point, it might have significant implications. It may be very challenging to get an engagement ring resized depending on the design you select. After the grand proposal, having to return the engagement ring to the jeweler for resizing might be upsetting and a little anticlimactic.

Try measuring her finger with a piece of string while she sleeps if you need to determine her size without her knowledge, especially if she doesn’t wear rings. Another strategy is to request one of her friends to casually display one of her engagement rings, enabling your future bride-to-be to try it on and then assess how it fits.


An important and long-lasting investment is purchasing an engagement ring. You wouldn’t purchase a car without a warranty or insurance, and the same goes for an engagement ring.

It’s especially important to think about potential losses when dealing with something that small and valuable, like theft, damage, or an odd disappearance. Make sure the jeweler who sells you the ring has a guarantee, and factor the cost of insurance into your spending plan.

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