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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Phone Charging Station

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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Phone Charging Station

Before making your phone charging station purchase, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some of them; pricing, safety, and reliability. Also, decide between OEM and generic chargers. This article will review these aspects that you need to consider:


Cell Phone charging stations are great ways to promote your business, increase foot traffic, and generate revenue. Customers will appreciate this convenient, affordable service by offering free, secure charging stations and be more likely to return to your location. Pricing of phone charging stations will vary but can range from $250 to $2000 per unit. 

Wall-mounted devices are the most affordable but can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously, and hub charging stations can charge up to 10 simultaneously. Cell phone lockers are another great way to secure your dead phone, and they’re easy to place in areas where people can stand next to them and charge their phone while protecting them from theft. They are also an ideal solution for a confined space.


Awareness of the risks of mobile phone charging stations is vital. In addition to causing damage to the phone, malicious charging stations can also be installed. These devices have a USB port that can be used to install malware and steal private information. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your device, you can purchase a charger that features a security feature to prevent theft. Always check the surface temperature of the charging station before you plug it into a wall outlet. Charging cords continuously draw power and can ignite flammable objects. Phones can also become potential electrical hazards when plugged into an outlet. In addition, phones do not have a ground-fault circuit interrupter, which shuts off power to the device when wet. Therefore, ensure the phone charging station you buy has proper safety features.


Despite recent advances in technology, assessing the reliability of a phone charging station is still a difficult task. A poorly functioning charger is worse than no charger at all.

One way to measure reliability is to check uptime, which measures the time it takes for a device to charge itself. For example, if a phone charging station is down for more than 7 days, it may indicate poor electrical design. However, a phone charging station’s reliability may be affected by various factors, including poor electrical design. In addition to uptime, reliability should be evaluated in terms of uptime, downtime, and excluded time.

Choosing between OEM and generic chargers

When shopping for a phone charging station for business, you need to know what you’re looking for. Often, these devices are the same, so there’s little price difference. You should look for a few quality control marks on the cable. These mark the charger as conforming to safety standards. Check for FCC, CE, and CSA symbols. If you can’t tell if a charging cable is genuine, use Google images to determine its authenticity.

One of the most significant differences between OEM and generic phone charging stations is how they charge your phone. While designed to work together, these devices don’t share the same safety standards. These chargers will work with most phones but won’t provide maximum charging speeds or best efficiency. Ultimately, choose an OEM  best for your budget and phone.

Experienced installers

When shopping for a phone charging station, it is best to consider an installer who can provide a comprehensive service package. It would include installation of the station and advice for pre and post-installation. Experienced installers are likely to be well-versed in various charging techniques and can offer expert insight into which one is most appropriate for your needs. It is also a good idea to consider the charging station’s cost before making the final purchase. If the phone charging station you’re purchasing requires installation, hiring a licensed electrician is a good idea. An installer with experience installing phone charging stations is best, as they have more experience and are less likely to run into problems during installation. 


When purchasing a phone charging station, privacy is of the utmost importance. It is because unauthorized individuals can use a phone charging station to steal data. Even worse, hackers can use infected charging stations to access personal information.

When purchasing a phone charging station, it’s essential to review the privacy notices of the operators. Most charging stations require that you download an app or RFID card. The apps collect typical consumer data, including payment data, demographic identifiers, app identifiers, and your name. Some companies also collect data on network and internet usage, and these companies might use this data to spy on you and sell your information. While this isn’t a widespread practice, it is still possible for cybercriminals to use a phone charging station to steal data from your smartphone. You should ensure that you use a charging station with a data-retention and protection policy.

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