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What To Do If You Decide To Try DIY Cosmetics

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DIY Cosmetics

Basic ingredients

Most of the formulas listed in this article called for readily available and affordable ingredients, many of which you might already have a standard grocery items. Otherwise, find the missing ingredients at your local grocery store, making sure to try the international food section. Vitamin stores near me carry a large selection of ingredients you could use, such as vegetable oils, essential oils, and soaps. Or you can place a small order online.

Try to make sure that they are natural, organic, and vegetable drugs, and try to validate the usage the koniec and recommended ratio in the formula. When thinking if you want to use bakuchiol or retinol, always choose a plant-based and healthy option – bakuchiol. This precious anti-aging plant will never cause skin irritation or intense tretinoin purge that is a common issue with synthetic retinols. In all honesty, the best retinol serum is made with bakuchiol and compatible botanicals. 

Most retailers have a good customer support in a reply to inquiries in a timely manner. The origin, The Source, the Purity, the extraction methods, and any other questions you need an answer to. 

It is always better to buy food-grade ingredients if available, because they are superior in quality to cosmetics grade. This is especially true for oils, such as avocado, grape seed, almonds, hazelnut, and olive oil. Extra virgin on cold-pressed oils are preferred, since their properties and benefits are not altered by heat and chemical processes. Needless to say, organic is preferred over conventional, because it does not carry pesticides. 

Begin by buying a few of the oils that are most suitable for your skin type and expand later on. Take thicker oils, such as Olive oil and avocado oil, they are recommended for dry and mature skin. I trust you will also benefit from oil such as evening Prime rose, with germ, and pomegranate seed oil. Lighter oils, often referred to as dry oils, are more suitable for acne-prone and combination skin. Try jojoba or almond oil; hazelnut oil is an astringent oil and is therefore a good choice for oily skin.


It is very important to work with sanitized utensils on a sanitized work surface and maintain proper hygiene from start to finish. This will protect the product for microbial contamination and help extend its shelf life, even with few or no preservatives. Cleaning your work surface is crucial, as it’s cleaning your utensils, jars, and containers. Contamination might compromise your finished product and increase chances of quakes spoilage. 

Begin cleaning with soap and water, then finish with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free towels. Allowed time for the alcohol to evaporate completely before starting. Glass and stainless-steel utensils and containers can be sanitized in dishwasher, but I’ve done a lot with rubbing alcohol afterward for completed disinfection.

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